Our mission

At GOBrigade, we value strategic partnerships, GOBrigade is committed to meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and employers in search of qualified workforce by presenting them the best targeted candidates, according to criteria previously established, all in integrity and transparency. We are a virtual assistant services company that aims to provide businesses with solutions that help you be more productive, run your organization efficiently and effectively, and have more money in your pockets.

Our values

Communication: We always take the time to follow up with both our candidates and the employers who are hiring. We are respectful of partners and people we work with

Transparency:  Our actions follow our words. When we meet with our customers, partners and candidates, we strive to make everything clear. Clarity makes good vibes!

Confidentiality and discretion: Your records, the elements of negotiations and your internal strategies always test confidential. We understand that these issues are important and we respect them.


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